A.B. Prokofiev

– First Vice-rector - Vice-rector for Science and Innovations, Chairperson

M.A. Shleenkov

– Head of the Scientific Staff Training Department, Deputy-chairperson

M.M. Leonov 

– Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Acting Director of the Social and Humanitarian Institute. 

A.M. Gareev

– Head of the Research Support Department

S.A. Ishkov

– Director of Space Rocket Engineering Institute

A.I. Ermakov

– Director of Engine and Power Plant Engineering Institute 

V.D. Elenev

– Director of Aeronautical Engineering Institute 

I.P. Zavershinskiy

– Director of Natural Sciences Institute

V.V. Sergeev

– Director of IT, Mathematics and Electronics 

O.V. Pavlov

– Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Management 

A.G. Bezverkhov

– Dean of Law Faculty 

Yu. D. Novikova

– Head of the Council of Young Scientists and Experts

T.V. Verkhovskaya

– Assistant of Vice-rector, Secretary