1.      Design and engineering of rocket and space systems.

2.      Advanced materials and technologies of space rocket equipment production.

3.      Aerodynamics, flight dynamics, aircraft control and navigation.

4.      Design, production, exploitation of aircrafts and organization of transport processes.

5.      Theory, design, reliability, strength and production technologies of aircraft engines.

6.      Advanced engineering researches.

7.      Electronics and instrument engineering.

8.      Fundamental and applied mathematics.

9.      IT and data analysis.

10.    Structure and dynamics of conventional and quantum systems.

11.    Physical, inorganic and organic chemistry and chromatography.

12.    Bioecology, biochemistry and biotechnologies.

13.    Economics and management of complex systems.

14.    Urban and regional development management.

15.    Philology and modern communication media.

16.    The space age in Russian history.

17.    Modern psychology: diversity of research experience.

18.    Philosophy and sociology of science.

19.    Current issues of legal regulation of social relations. 

20.    Space Law Challenges.