The XVI Korolev Readings International Conference of

Young Scientists Organising Committee


Dr. Andrei Prokofev

- First Vice-Rector – Vice-Rector for R&D, Committee Chair;

Assoc. Prof. Mark Shleenkov

- Head of Researcher Training Office, Committee Vice-Chair;

Assoc. Prof. Andrei Gavrilov

- Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs;

Assoc. Prof. Albert Gareev

- Head of Research Unit;

Dr. Anton Doroshin

- Space Engineering Institute, Executive Director;

Assoc. Prof. Vitalii Smelov

- Aerospace Propulsion Institute, Executive Director;

Dr. Georgii Makariants

- Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Executive Director;

Prof. Dr. Igor Zavershinskii

- Institute of Natural Sciences, Director;

Dr. Aleksandr Nesterov

- Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Executive Director;

Prof. Dr. Vladislav Sergeev

- IT, Mathematics and Electronics Engineering Institute, Director;

Assoc. Prof. Oleg Pavlov

- Institute of Economics and Management, Deputy Executive Director;

Prof. Dr. Artur Bezverkhov

- Institute of Law, Executive Director;

Ms. Iuliia Novikova

- Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, Council Chair;

Ms. Tatiana Verkhovskaia

- Personal Assistant to the Vice-Rector, Conference Secretary.